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"Nycolle is a very calming, kind, considerate person who has helped my daughters and I through some very difficult times over the years. We are so pleased that Nycolle has found her purpose within this industry to help guide others and to encourage people in need to live their best, unique lives. Our community needs more people like this special lady to help heal, guide and nurture us through life's ups and downs."


"Nycolle has been a savior for our daughter and a huge support to our family throughout 2021. Our 10 year old daughter experienced high levels of anxiety when faced with bullying challenges at school and in social sport.  

Nycolle has a way of creating calm. She was reassuring and present throughout the times we met with her and was always confidential. 

She would make herself available on a Monday afternoon to have my daughter in her own time, purely because she wanted to be there to support her. They would cook, craft & hang out together. All of which created a calm and safe environment where my daughter could open up and talk about things. 

Nycolle has a true gift, a way to make people feel calm and reassured.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

So grateful."


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